Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Want the 40's Style

I love women fashion from 1940s, pretty and classic don't you think? How the women dress up at the era is always amaze me, the dress, heels, make up, even the hair do are totally awesome. The 40s dress is classic in style, flattering to the female figure, and emphisize the waist, producing the silhouette.

There are 3 fashion period in 40s, the early period, the middle period and late 40s, every period have their specification.
1. The early 40s period, casual fashions were popular with a hemline just below the knee, the dropped waist line went back to the natural waist line, and house dresses commonly had a very tailored look, with special attention to collars, sleeve details, and style lines of the blouses in general.
2. The middle 40s period, choose outfits with the  more gentle silhoute of the mid 40s fashion, compensate with colors, the became hot and swing was the scene, fashion was sure to respond to this new fad quickly, and natural make up is a must.
3. The late 40s period, skirts became much fuller, tops began to be more form fitting with less drape, blouses quickly lost their “enlisted” look, and took on a more feminine look with shorter sleeves, and more emphasis was placed on the bust.

So what do you think, are you interesting in 40's fashion ? For me...yes of course ^^, my favorite is the lovely dress and the hat.

My favorite style icons at that period, Lauren Bacall and Bergman Ingrid

My favorite scetch shows 40s look

As I read in magazine this 40s look will be one of 2011's trend, like Marc Jacob's collection for fall 2011, 40s Meets the Future, the prevailing silhouette recalled the ’40s with a dash of Victorian–high-waisted pencil skirts and ultra-tailored dresses with oversized pockets at the hip or peplums to emphasize tiny waists, cap sleeves, open backs and jabots–the materials were brand new, futuristic even.


they are look amazing, aren't they...

I'm trying the 40s look couple months ago, i think this is "the early period", but actually not to 40s too, i think i have to change my make up and hair do ^^...what do you think?

So thats it for now...

Have a great day

(source: wikihow, fashionista, and elle.)



  1. wow you recreated your look so beautifully, great shoes
    Lydz xX

  2. HEEEY ANTI!!! :D
    I love the right dress too <3 :)

    I like the dress, loove the pleats on the chest area, and loove the hat!! Soo vintage! <33
    And WOW YOU HAVE REALLY BEAUTIFUL EYES!! They're really nice! :)

  3. I love the 40s.It is one of my fave periods of fashion along with late 20s-30s, and late 50s-60s. I absolutely loved how glamorously sexy the women were. Good post and that outfit looks amazing on you. I am addicted to hats as well. :D

  4. You have the most amazing eyes!! Such pretty style!

    Monique xx

  5. beautiful dresses and the girl below is a very beautiful =)

    you go and you see me;)
    I'd be happy)

  6. Your look is so cute :) ! You look amazing :)

  7. WOW, amazing photos! so lovelu outfit, really like your style ;p

    and looove your blog ;)

  8. gorgeous dress. :) I love it!! :D I think the hair and the hat are the only things that throw the look off from 40s. The rest is gorgeous!

  9. Cute blog! Loved it!
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    Alice Dias

  10. wish i could pull a look like this off, you look stunning!

  11. The 40s were such a glamorous era! I love your beautiful dress! The hat is such a nice touch! xxoxoxoo

  12. i love the spin you put on ot, gorgeous!

  13. ♥oh. so nice post.) love your blog.)) ♥

  14. unas fotos preciosas, a mi también me encanta ese estilo...llevas un vestido guapísimo!!! y el sombrero te queda genial..un besazo

  15. I love the style from the 40's too! its wonderful, and your pics are spectacular! I love your totally look, a big kiss from
    have a nice thursday:)

  16. love this look on you!!! you look so pretty!!!
    thnx 4 leaving me a comment :)))

  17. These 40's were so elegant ! We have lessons to learn from those years ! Your outfit is gorgeous, what a lovely dress !

  18. the 40s really do look SOO amazing. and i love the hemline, its classy and intriguing. and i adore your outfit, the hat makes it so chic! :)

    <3, Kathleen.

  19. I personally prefer 50s and 60s style but you're really rock that 40s look nicely! You look classy and pretty.

    The Picnic Girl

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  20. I voe the 40's too, so classy!
    You look very chic:)

    ♥ Kisses ♥

  21. thanks for your sweet comment! you look absolutely DARLING in 40s style. you pull it off so well with such style!


  22. lovely dress!!
    and you're so pretty :))
    really love your look!

    la femme