Saturday, April 9, 2011

Great Day

It's 2.30 am and I'm so hungry and still can not sleep...

Spring fashion....I love this current 2011 spring collections, many designers play in colors and contras this year which ussually dominated by pastel colors and sundress in several past years. I think this year is the right time to make our wardrobe to be exciting. An exciting combination of unexpected colors like pink, turquoise, dark purple, orange, blue and yellow will be our outfit  choices.

As I read in one of style magazine, use three colors combination will be perfect:
Gucci : orange, blue and yellow
Jin Sander : yellow, pink and lime green
Prabal Gurung: turquoise, dark purple and orange

So which one is your choice?

I love the Prabal Gurung's colors combo, and decided to try them on, but, since I don't have orange outfit which match, I used balck as the substitute... i know, i supposed to change it with green or something, but i think, this still ok as a first time...

posting pictures taken today

skirt: body&soul

happy Sunday everyone



  1. hi dear... i saw in chictopia that you have a blog so i followed you.. :) really love your skirt by the way.. :)

  2. love this look!!! so chic!!
    thnx 4 visiting my blog & leaving me a comment:)))
    following!! :)

  3. Hi thanks for dropping by my blog. So happy you found me.

    That skirt is amazing! It looks so good on you!