Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Prewedding Photos

Wowww, i think it's been a very long time since my last post, i'm really lack of time to make a post here, I married now ^^, I'm so happy, finally after 4,5 years we decided to get marry.

take a look my prewedding foto, i choosed 3 theme and 3 outfit...

1. A Victorian style

2. Picnic Outfit

3. Back to School look

have a great day everyone ^^


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

To look younger

wow....i think it's been ages since my last post about fashion....
how's life treats you? Mine is awesome...i got a week off from my job,,,and i decided to visit  my cousins in other city,,,^^

Hey..i really love to wear someting colorfull lately, i think it can make me look younger and fresh...Like this one below,,,so bright, right??

pants : Zara
top : gift from my sister
heels : jessica simpson
bag : from Yogyakarta

Meet my cousins.....I'm the oldest, 5-7 years older than them ^^

have a nice day

Friday, August 12, 2011

Happy Time

Sometime I feel so tired with all of my work life, but then I usually think the positive side,

I always do fun things with my Princessa when I was feeling sad, hesitate or tired....and it will boost my energy and spirit again, what do you usually do when you feel sad?
These are several photos of me and my Princessa

Lady Anggita Raihana Octapeni ^^

Wish you a very nice day everyone,,,


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Flowers at Night

I always dreamed of living in an area filled with flowers, where I could smell fresh air and fragrant, where butterflies fly around, sounds beautifull right ^^. But the fact is right now I live in a very hectic city, where fresh air is no longer anymore, where you can not see butterflies since air pollution in every where :(

 I wore my flowery maxi skirt in pink color to have a feminine look ^^, This skirt sewn specifically for use on my fiance's inauguration ceremony last Friday.

maxi skirt and lace top :tailored
heels: jessica simpson
bag: Mario

Ps: can not wait to watch transformer :)

Have a perfect day ^^


Monday, July 18, 2011

Urban Look by Mugler

whoaaaa it already Monday's the weekend ?

Hey,,,have you seen Mugler's collections for resort 2012....they are all really amazing ^^ i love them all.
His clothes are easily identifiable by their style and their structure, you can see in these two skirts below, the unique cutting and a perfect garment choosen, make them really amazing.


I think his collections are both sophisticated and urban at the same time, look at these amazing pants....omg i really want them :( (i hope, i can afford to buy them ^^)

He combine a simple cutting of a dress, with bold colors them, amazing ^^

please see more collection at 

I love Thierry Mugler :)

have a nice working day ^^


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Try not to be so tired

This was what I wore last Saturday, my old black bustier. I think this black bustier is one of my favorite top, i bought it very long time ago, and its still comfortable to wear until now ^^

I found a nice bustier last week from La Senza, a pink leopard printed, super hot :) planning to have it, haha..

How's your day everyone? Mine is not quite good,,, :( that's why my title "try not to be so tired"

 these are some pictures I took of my black bustier...

 bustier: wacoal
skirt : rosebud
jacket : zara
heels: shoesone
necklace : mia
belt: ciel

what do you think about my make up, is it to much ?

This was me couple months ago, wearing my black bustier as well.
 bustier: wacoal
skirt: esprit
heels: shoesone
scarf: cotton-ink
cardigan: bloopendorse

bustier: wacoal
legging: zara
ankle boots: shoesone
scarf: cotton-ink

Wish all of you a happy day ^^


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Two Tone by Dior

I really love Christian Dior's dress collections for Resort 2012, I think they all simple and favorite are the 2 tones colors.
Ps: I also love the red lips

what dou you think ?

Have a nice working day ^^


Thursday, June 30, 2011

Palazzo Pants

Finally I can make a post ^^, It was so busy lately at the office so i could not make any post :(

I love palazzo pants, I think its really comfortable and the unique cut is really eye-catching :), even though I'm tiny but I'm still can wear them. I love the wide leg of this pants which sometime can be mistaken as a maxi skirt.

Nowdays, there're so many choices, from floral printed, abstarc, or drapey hippy look, what is your choice?

Wanna share pictures of my orange palazzo pants,

I braids my hair

These are some of my favorites Palazzo pants, they are super awesome

1. from ASOS
 2. from D&G
 3. from John Galiano

I hope I can find 3 of them at stores in my City :)

Have a nice day