Sunday, November 4, 2012

Printed dress

Hiii hiii...i'm back, a very bad blogger was so hard for me to have a time to blog lately,,,but I did post some pictures to my chictopia page, do you have chictopia account? share with me ^^ and now I have Instagram account too ^^

so questions to all my blogger's friends are:

1. how are you guys?
2. what is your favorite daily outfit right now?
3. have you shop a lot?
4. what is in your wish list?

answer from me:

1. I'm good with all my buzy working life.
2. Printed dress, mini skirt, and banggels
3. Yes I did shop a lot :)
4. Dolce Vita heels and leather pants


so, these are my 2 printed dress which I can share with you, so colorfull aren't they? 

michael kors bag, juneandjulia boots

shoesone boots

have a nice day guys ^^