Thursday, June 30, 2011

Palazzo Pants

Finally I can make a post ^^, It was so busy lately at the office so i could not make any post :(

I love palazzo pants, I think its really comfortable and the unique cut is really eye-catching :), even though I'm tiny but I'm still can wear them. I love the wide leg of this pants which sometime can be mistaken as a maxi skirt.

Nowdays, there're so many choices, from floral printed, abstarc, or drapey hippy look, what is your choice?

Wanna share pictures of my orange palazzo pants,

I braids my hair

These are some of my favorites Palazzo pants, they are super awesome

1. from ASOS
 2. from D&G
 3. from John Galiano

I hope I can find 3 of them at stores in my City :)

Have a nice day


Monday, June 20, 2011

Pink and Blue

My last weekend activities were playing with my Princessa, body treatment and just read June magazines, how about you?

Wore my pink and blue combination, this one is so colorfull look ^^
I think with these colors combination, i can look younger :) hahaha

Hope this week will be fabs ^^


Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Now we have in the middle of 2011, how you run 2011 works for you? fun?
How about your wardrobe, how many clothes you add ? how many pairs of shoes you add to your shoes rack? how many accessories you bought for the past 5.5 months? Have you count them?

This blazer is my last outfit I bought as of today which I bought for my working outfit, but currently I often wear my blazer for unformal look, I combine them with denim pants, mini skirts or shorts like this one below...

Some look I love from Chictopia, you can also link to their own blog :)

 Annie Sosa from myelement88
This one is so sexy and edgy for me, the combination of the red blazer and dark brown shorts are fantastic,
and those heels and the bag completed the whole look.

Sophi from ohsosophi
I also love this one, what adorable boyfriend blazer, and she make a very awesome combination with the shorts and flat shoes :)

Demi from fashionbananas
I really love this combinatin, lace shorts, denim shirt and blazer...she look amazing, isn't she?

what do you think about wear a blazer for unformal look ?

Have a nice day ^^


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Orange is Fun and Healthy

I have limited outfit with orange color, just two items, a skirt and a blouse...but lately I see so many people give an orange touch in their look, from blouse, blazer, pants, purse and shoes.... and I really love them,,, ^^

these are mine ...

t-shirt and skirt : zara
socks: sox galery
shoes: jesicca simpson

blouse: unbranded
skirt: zara
stockings: topshop
shoes: belle

blouse: unbranded
stockings and clutch: topshop
boots: shoesone

in my wishlist
- pants from Diane Von Furstenberg

 - bag from IVDO
 - Blazer

 - Heels from Dior

 Have a nice day


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dress Up

I like to wear simple dress to attend a semi-formal occasion, a dress with lenght range from just above the knee. Usually, I sketch my dress and ask my favorite tailor to make the dress for me, but lately, I prefer to buy it directly when I find fitted in me.

These are my dress...

My last tailored dress

I bought these dresses from local brand

dress: ciel
shoes: guess
clutch: guess

dress: hunting fields
shoes: online shop

dress: hunting fields
wedges: shoesone
clutch: guess

I want to add more collection of simple dress ...

And these are dresses in my wish list ^^

This one is to die for...herve ledger

Have a nice day ^^