Monday, May 23, 2011


I love necklace, it become my favorite accessory, from simple necklace to statement necklace. a great necklace will give an additional touch to our look, don't you think?

Necklace is a jewelry worn around the neck, oke...of course we all know about that, but do you know about the history of necklace? As I read from Wikipedia, Necklaces have been an integral part of jewelry since the time of ancient civilizations. The birth of necklaces is believed to be as old as the Stone Age, which is around 40,000 years old....(OMG). At that time, people were decorating themselves with mollusk necklaces (wow....). There are so many types of necklaces, like choker, lariat necklace, opera necklace, matinee necklace and many other types.

Some of my favorite celebrity's necklaces

awesome aren't they ? :)
Some of my favorite necklace designs

I really want the last one., creative ^^
Some necklace of Mine ^^

So what is your favorite jewelry? necklace... like me :)

have a great day ^^

source:by googling

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Happy Anniversary and I Love You is me and my fiance happy day, yupppp...its our 4th anniversary ^^ these pictures are dedicate to my fiance :)

dress: bysi
stocking: topshop
shoes: guess
necklace: mila
hat and banggels: unbranded

hope we always be together ^^...i love you like the baloon said ^^

Huge hug

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Black and White

I finally have a time to make another post in my blog, my jobs was like chasing me in the past do you do people???
Now, let's talk about fashion, i missed this topic so much, i'm not working in fashion industry and my job is so far...far away from word f.a.s.h.i.o.n....^^
Black and white...what do you think? I really like a black and white combination colors, simple basic colors but always look superb....

Me wear my black and white outfit ...

a very basic black and white combination

black and white polka look

black and white stripe look

so, how about your black and white combo, may I see them ^^

have a nice weekend ^^