Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Holla Life....

Wanna try something new in my life, what do you suggest???

I love this quote from Michelle C. Ustaszeski

It is sometimes hard to cross that bridge try something new, or make that change
But once you do, you realize that things are ussually never as bad as we imagine

So I think I will try something new which I never did....

I took some photos

Have a nice day


  1. Great outfit, honey!Love the colors!Good luck with your blog!I m new, too!I ve started my blog on the 1st day of April:)xoxo

  2. lovely outfit!! the blazer is so awesome!! and good on you, that you want to try something new!! :) check out my post, because that's what i wrote about ;)

    I'm hosting a pretty rad giveaway, a BIKINI! perfect for spring/summer! check it out!they are one of a kin, made by an up'n coming Mexican designer! xo

  3. thanx for your comment (: i like the necklace!
    you're pretty! goodluck with the new blog!
    i'll follow you..


  4. love all the colors and the necklace is just awesome. :)

  5. "I enjoy your blog so much!
    You have beautiful pictures!"

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  6. Alina, Carolina, uhoi, thechyrel andlacce: thank you for dropping by and commented my post ^^

  7. hey girl:) you're such a beauty! loving the blazer a lot:D thanks for following me;) you rock!

  8. I remember this on chictopia :) That blazer is heaven and jealousy I am soooo JEALOUS OF IT X